Andre Gregg

Birth Stats
the time: 21st November 2012, 19.23
the place: Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick, Sydney, Australia
the wieght: 3445g/ lb oz
length: 50 centimetres
hair colour: Dark blonde
eye colour: Blue

Dog's story of the birth
Well, second time round was a piece of cake. Great to have a chat with all 4 midwives and managed to snap some great photos of Cat from start to finish. A happy dog.

Cat's story of the birth
It was painfull, Dog talked too much and took too many photos! Glad the pregnancy/labour ordeal is over. Still one happy cat.

Our social diary for 2 weeks:
21st: Birth date
22nd: First day out & nurses pay a visit
23rd: Guppy family day at Clovelly Hotel and Sophia's in day care
24th: Lazy afternoon at home with Gerry/Adriene and Katie/Dan
25th: Visit from Team Francis and team Imhoff
26th: #2 visit from Jenny and first for nurse Mayra!
27th: Visit from Janelle and Charlotte + their kids (minus Tom):
28th: Miss Merrin dance class, Cooge beach day and mid-wife visit:
29th: Visit from Tracy and Dog wets the babies head with Dan and Rich, whilst Cat gets the girls round for a night in!:
30th: Visit from KBR and a lazy day
1st: Visit from the Kellys (with Tom-Tom!) in the morning, followed by a visit to the Team Francis for Charmain's Birthday!
2nd: Andre inspires Dog to an A1 reserve Eastern Suburbs win in the morning, followed by ICC day care Christmas party in Centennial Park, mid morning and late afternoon, Porkies pay a visit to have a BBQ (One Full Day)!
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