Sophia Eve

Birth Stats
the time: 12th July 2010, 13.00
the place: Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick, Sydney, Australia
the wieght: 3120g/6 lb 14 oz
length: 48 centimetres
hair colour: Strawberry blonde
eye colour: blue

Dog's story of the birth
Saturday 15th July 2010 @ around midnight Cat mentioned that she thought her waters had broken. Phoning the midwife; who was on (Claire) suggested we come into the hospital for a checkup. Sent home we were told we'd be parents by Monday 12th July 2010!
4.30am ion Monday 12th, just as the world cup final started, Cat was contracting and couldn't hold any longer. Driving to hospital, we setup camp in the delivery suite with Tracy & Claire keeping us company and Dog's music mix playing in the background, the atmosphere was relaxed. Cat was a legend. Dog was filled with emotion and eyes streaming. At 13.00pm time stopped our princess had arrived. A "breathtaking" (in through your nose and out through your mouth!) experience.

Cat's story of the birth
As daddy said - you decided you would arrive the same day as World Cup final - so daddy couldn't watch it! But he did keep mummy updated by checking his mobile phone for the score!
Your birth was amazing - the moment you arrived was like the earth stood still - seeing our precious perfect little bundle with a mop of strawberry blonde hair. Your cried straight away and you were doing just fine. They let us hold straight away and you were sucking your thumbas you had your first cuddle. Deb - our midwife - gave your hair a wash so we could see all your beautiful golden hair shining! We phoned our families and text our friends to tell them what a beautiful baby girl we welcomed to the world!

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Day Care

Monday 20th August 2012


Patty had set up a little “create your own face” corner for the toddlers and Sophia was standing beside it, looking at the set up. The teacher asked Sophia if she wanted to try building her own face. Sophia was looking at the different pieces, as if trying to figure out how they all fit in. The teacher got an eye and stuck it on the face. After seeing this, Sophia then took another eye and stuck it on the face. The teacher then asked Sophia if she wanted to put a moustache on the face. “Look, Sophia, a moustache!” The teacher said, as she placed the moustache above her lip and began to laugh “bwa-ha-ha”. Sophia smiled. The teaher handed the moustache to Sophia and said “Do you want to try the moustache?” Sophia took the moustache and placed it above her lip and did a fake manly laugh “bwa-ha-ha!”

(Sophia choosing a nice addition to the face she’s created)
(“Bwa-ha-ha!” Sophia with a moustache.)


After having joined the toddler room fairly recently, Sophia is quite new to her new environment. Even the toys are new! Sophia appeared to be interested in the face puzzle but she seemed to be a bit hesitant as to how to approach it. When the teacher showed her how she could mix and match the face pieces, Sophia then jumped right in and began playing on her own. Although things might be new to Sophia, she appears to be open to the novelty of it all as seen by her willingness to try out the new learning activity she hasn’t encountered before. This is a good example of how Sophia is fulfilling EYLF outcome 3.1 which states that children should become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing.

Follow up:

It was great to see Sophia’s confidence shine through as she goes through this significant change in her life in daycare. Now that she is in the toddler room, Sophia has new friends to make and new and exciting activities to learn! It would be great to encourage Sophia to engage in the learning experiences that are set up in the toddler room and praise her for a job well done after she finished with an activity. This is one way for Sophia to feel confident as she adjusts to her new surroundings.

Sophia in action…
(She loves jumping up and down on the balance beam!)
(hulahooping Sophia!)

Monday 27th August 2012


Jessica and Loki were standing underneath the cubby house with Sophia. Jessica tells Sophia “Do you want ice cream?” Sophia nods her head and pretends to hand over something to Jessica. Jessica then pretends to make something with her hands and then hands their imaginary ice cream to Sophia. Sophia then puts her hand in front of her mouth and begins to chew. The teacher asks Sophia “Is the ice cream yummy?” Sophia replies “Yes!”. Jessica then asks Sophia “Do you want more?” and Sophia nods her head and says “More ice cream.” Sophia then walks to the other side and pretends to be making ice cream. The teacher tells her “Here is my money Sophia. Can I have some vanilla ice cream?” Sophia places her hand near a small hole by the side of the pillar and then hands over an imaginary ice cream to the teacher.
(Sophia getting her ice cream from Jessica and Loki) sophia.eating
(Nomnomnom) sophia.serving (Now it’s Sophia’s turn to be the ice cream vendor)


Sophia, Jessica, and Loki’s play experience was very interesting to watch. In their little ice cream store scenario, the three children seemed to play different roles. Jessica and Loki were the ice cream vendor and Sophia was the customer. It was amazing to see the children act out what they perceived to be their role in their little imaginative play. Their actions included Sophia handing some money to Jessica who then prepared ice cream to give back to Sophia. Sophia would then proceed to “eat” her ice cream. Sophia also had a turn being the ice cream vendor and she acted out her part so well!

It was great to see Sophia fit in so well with the other toddlers after transferring to the toddler room fairly recently. Not only play so well with her friends, she was also exploring a different type of play as she explored a different identity in their dramatic play (EYLF outcome 1.3- “children develop knowledgeable and confident self-identities).

Follow up:

Imaginary play is a great way for the children to explore their creativity. As an extension to this learning experience, the teacher can set up a home corner for Sophia wherein she can do other forms of imaginary play like cooking and baking with the help of some props.

Monday 3rd Sept 2012:

Sophia came over to visit the babies this morning and she was quick to walk over to the home corner where the teacher was playing with Claudia. Sophia got a teacup and held it up as Claudia pretended to pour some imaginary tea inside. The teacher told Sophia “Be careful Sophia, it’s hot!” Sophia replied “It’s hot!. She then proceeded to blow into the cup and pretended to sip from it.

(Sophia wanted some tea.)
(Drinking her “hot tea” as Claudia looks on)


This spontaneous experience is a good extension to Sophia’s earlier “ice cream store” imaginary play with her friends from the toddler room. This time around, Sophia was able to use some props such as the teapots and teacups as part of her play. Sophia was also engaged in a conversation with the teacher and Claudia as she played in the home corner. When the teacher mentioned that the tea might be hot, Sophia then responded by pretending that their imaginary tea was indeed hot, blowing into it before drinking it.

Follow up:

As Sophia spends more time in the toddler area, she has observed how some of the older children play and interact with one another. As a result, Sophia’s own interests in the types of play she engages in may also change. A good extension to her imaginary play is to set up a dress-up area where Sophia can choose a costume she could wear. Dress-ups are always fun for toddlers. They are also great for promoting children’s imagination, creativity and even self-confidence.

Sophia in action…
(“WeeeeeeEeEeeeeeEEEEee!”) sophia.chatting
(Chatting with Oliver) Videos

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