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The Dog aka Mr.Yuppie recently joined The Wacker's Constitution back in June 2005 and never looked back since. Playing every Wednesday night the growing numbers are all itching to line up to play. I think there's over 70 Wacker's on the database. There are now five teams that play in the 8am and 10 am Sunday morning Competitions, which is a great effort. The aim is take over the dominance of the Eastern Suburbs Tennis Club and hold aloft the illusive A1 trophy!

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Season 11 - Feb - Mar 2013 - A1 8am - WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wackers 1, division A1 winners

Season 10 - Feb - Mar 2013 - A1 8am - Lost in semis

Season 9 - Oct - Dec 2012 - A1R 8am - WINNERS!

Season 8 - Aug - Sep 2012 - A2 8am - WINNERS!

Wackers 1, division 2 winners

Season 7 - Sep - Nov 2007 - A1 10am

Season 6 - Didn't play

Season 5 - Jan - May 2007 - A2 8am

Season 4 - Sep - Nov 2006 - A2 8am

Season 7 - Sep - Nov 2007

Results for Round 8[top]

Wackers IV v UNSW

Result: Won by 3.5 sets!
Team: Slammer and Mr Yuppie
First doubles: Won 6 - 2.
Singles: The Yuppie won 6 - 1 (against Mash). Slammer won 6 - 3.
Second doubles: Forfeited due to time restrictions. (although we were willing to play on!) 3 - 1.

Results for Round 7[top]

UNSW v Wackers IV

Result: Lost by 5 games!
Team: Slammer and Mr Yuppie
First doubles: Forfeited 6 - 0, due to Slammer not putting clocks forward, muppet!
Singles: The Yuppie won 6 - 4. Slammer won 6 - 4.
Second doubles: Lost 3 - 6.

Results for Round 7[top]

Wackers IV v

Result: Lost by 3 sets!
Team: Frogs Legs and Bruno
First doubles: ??
Singles: ??
Second doubles: ??

Results for Round 6[top]

Kingsford v Wackers IV

Result: Won by 3 games!
Team: Slammer and Mr.Yuppie
First doubles: Won 6 - 2.
Singles: Lost to Muff Diver 4 - 6!!!! Slammer won 6 - 3.
Second doubles: Won 6 - 3.

Results for Round 5[top]

Wackers IV v ESTC 1

Result: Lost by 1 game!
Team: Slammer and Mr.Yuppie
First doubles: Won 6 - 2.
Singles: Won, beat Abs of Steal 6 - 4!!!! Slammer lost 6 - 1.
Second doubles: Lost 6 - 4.

Season 5 - Jan - May 2007

Results for Round 9[top]

Wackers 1 v ESTC 5

Result: Won by one game!
Team: Francois and Mr Yuppie
First doubles: Lost 3 - 6.
Singles: The Yuppie won 6 - 5. Francois lost 3 - 6.
Second doubles: Won 6 - 0.

Results for Round 8[top]

ESTC 3 v Wackers 1

Result: Lose 3 -1!
Team: Tinto's son and Mr Yuppie
First doubles: Lost 3 - 6.
Singles: The Yuppie won 6 - 0 (thrashed Tinto!). Tinot's son lost 2 - 6.
Second doubles: Lost 2 - 6.

Results for Round 7[top]

Wackers 1 v UNSW V

Result: Scrape a victory!
Team: The Terminator and Silver Fern
First doubles: Lost 4 - 6.
Singles: The Terminator won 6 - 3. Silver Fern won 6 - 2.
Second doubles: Lost 5 - 6.

Results for Round 6[top]

ESTC 1 v Wackers 1

Result: thrashed again! (second worst defeat in my time of playing Wacker comp tennis!)
Team: Mr Yuppie and The Terminator
First doubles: Lost 6 - 3.
Singles: Mr Yuppie went down 6 - 3. The Terminator lost 6 - 1.
Second doubles: Lost 6 - 2.

Results for Round 5[top]

Wackers 1 v Maccabi IV

Result: thrashed (worst defeat in my time of playing Wacker comp tennis!)
Team: Mr Yuppie and Silver Fern
First doubles: Lost 4 - 6.
Singles: Mr Yuppie went down 1 - 6. Silver Fern lost 2 - 6.
Second doubles: Lost 4 -6.

Results for Round 4[top]

ESTC 5 v Wackers 1

Result: draw
Team: The Assasin and The Terminator
First doubles. Won 6 - 5.
Singles: The Assasin went down 6 - 4. The Terminator was 5 - 4 up when the heavens opened.

Results for Round 3[top]

Wackers 1 v ESTC 3 (Revenge on Tinto!)

Won 4 - 0, losing 4 games. Taking the doubles 6 -2, The Asassin trounced Tinto 6 -1 and I crushed the other 6 - 0. Taking the last doubles set 6 -2 it was a sweet success and a push for the play-off finals!

Results for Round 2[top]

UNSW V v Wackers 1

Teaming up with The Terminator we had a close match. Doubles was straight forward with a 6 - 3 victory but Mr.T struggeld with his singles and went down 6 - 2. Mr.Yuppie played the weaker of the two and won 6 - 1. The opponents were slow around the court and eventually run out of time to finish of the final doubles match sitting at 5 - 4.

Results for Round 1[top]

Wackers 1 v ESTC 4

The legendary Silver Fern made his first appearance in a Wacker shirt but unfortunately had a rough ride against their strongest player. Losing our first doubles 6-5, Silver Fern lost his singles 6-0. A crushing defeat for his debut. Mr.Yuppie managed a 6 -2 victory leading to a slight chance in taking victory. Needing to win the final doubles 6-3 we missed out by 1 game. Winning 6-4 was not enough to start the season off on a high.

Summer Comp Teams[top]

Suggested line up.
First week Feb 4

The Yuppie
The Assassin
Wine Cask
Silver Fern
The Terminator

Season 4 - Sep - Nov 2006


Wackers 1 sadly had to forfeit their semi final match against the Maccabians. Wine Cask's sister [my niece] passed away last weekend and he was not ready to step back onto the court. She was only 17, may she rest in peace.

Wackers 2 took on ESTC led by Son Of Tinto. In an enthralling contest Wackers 2 took out the first set 6/3 before losing both singles The Rooster going down 4/6 and Brandy Alexander by the same score before they lost the final doubles by the same margin on a hot morning that favoured the younger lads.

Wacker 3 won their first doubles 6/3 before The Slammer took out his singles 6/2 but Boom Boom went down 3/6. Our boys took their foot off the pedal and unexpectedly succumbed to nerves in the final set losing it and the match when they surprisingly went down 1/6.

Wackers 4 T.B.A.
Nov 20, 2006, 3:09pm by The Wine Barrel »

Results for round 10[top]

Wackers 1 and 3 both got to put their feet up and enjoy the Pommy bashing at the cricket during their byes.

Wackers 2 played competition leaders Wyvern and just went down narrowly on games after sets were locked at 2 all. All goes well for the final were it is anticipated they will have a good chance at revenge against Wyvern.

Wackers 4 results to come.

Wackers 4 will miss out on the semis but in their first ever season they performed admirably.

Wackers 1 and 3 both finished stand out league leaders after the 10 rounds. Wackers 2 finishing second.

Stay tuned for semi final venues and line ups.
Nov 13, 2006, 7:25am by The Wine Barrel »

Results for round 9[top]

Wackers 1 were at home to the best Bondi could throw up and our lads got the money in wet and windy conditions.

First doubles 6/0 to Wine Cask and The Yuppie. Wine Cask then took out the older Maccabian 6/1 before our Yuppmeister had a frustrating time against their top junior going down 1/6 as the sodden court slowed down his power game. Our lads reigned victorious in the last doubles winning 6/4 and securing 6 points that took them to a lofty 50 points and an unasailable lead with 1 week remaining before the semis.

Wackers 2 travelled to ESTC and completed a Wacker wash winning 4 sets to zero and picking up 7 valuable epoints. Brandy Alexander enjyed a 6/0 singles victory whilst brother in arms, Order In The Court won comfortably 6/3. Well done lads.

Wackers 3 were off for a brawl in Bondi against the Maccabians. [Results to come]

Wackers 4 at home [Results to come]
Nov 6, 2006, 5:47am by The Wine Barrel »

Results for round 8[top]

Wackers 1 were represented by The Yuppie and The Wine Cask and they got off to a flying start against ESTC when they raced away to a 5/0 lead befiore The Slicer crafted his way back into the set before our Wackers regrouped to serve it out 6/3.

The Wine Cask then had a tough one against The Slicer but was always in control winning 6/4 and earning an abusive blast from our German afterwards for not letting him have a few hits with a racquet he borrowed from the club house after he broke the strings in his only one. Lesson learned for the cask, it is your fault mate if your opponent only has one raquet! [Go figure]

The Yuppie's sparkling form continued when he produced more great tennis enroute to a sparkling 6/1 singles victory over Raff. Time ran out to finish the last doubles. 6 and a half points to Wackers 1. Well done lads. They are now enjoying a commanding lead at the top of the league.

Wackers 2 steamrolled their Maccabi opposition at home with a whitewash. The Maccabians were so shell shocked fron the vicious [b]Order In Court / Rooster [/b]barrage that they hoisted up the white flag and stayed in their bunker for the last set.

7 points to Wackers 2, well done lads, a semi final berth is assured, the ring-in Kingsford team awaits but one never knows.

Wackers 3 were away against UNSW. A tight victory that came down to the wire with The Slammer and Man Mountain securing a tight 1 pont win and taking 5 points on the day that sees them sitting on top of the leader board with a commanding lead.

Wackers 4 got a week's break to work on their tans in their bye but showed true dedication to the Wacker cause turning up for two solid hours practise.
Oct 30, 2006, 9:26am by The Wine Barrel »

Results for Round 7[top]
Wackers 1 were represented by The Yuppie and The Artful Dodger and they did not let their cheer squad down with an emphatic victory over UNSW on Sunday. After a solid 6-1 victory in the 1st doubles the Dodger repeated that scoreline with a singles victory before The Yuppie produced more great tennis enroute to yet another 6/0 singles victory. Our lads eased off the pedal a touch in the last rubber but still toook it out 6/2. 7 points to Wackers 1. Well done lads.

Wackers 2 got a week's break to work on their tans.

Wackers 3 completed another whitewash against UNSW. 4 sets to zero, details to follow.

Wackers 4 details to follow.
Oct 22, 2006, 6:05pm by The Wine Barrel

Results Round 6 October 15 2006[top]
Wackers 1 line up of The Wine Cask and The Yuppie traveled to Club Macabi, to take on the father and son team of Anton and Brett. On arrival and after viewing the league ladder on the notice board it was discovered that Wackers 1 had clawed their way back up to the top of the league and were enjoying a half a point margin over the other Macabi team.

The first set of doubles was all Wackers as they steamrolled a shell shocked Bondi team 6/1.

The Yuppie then produced his best form for some time in a devastating demolition of the lad 6/1. The youngster played some great tennis and has improved out of sight but our Yuppie had the ball of a string and thrilled the packed crowd with some testosterone laden drives and deft touch.

The Wine Cask ran into an experience player who's flat forehand and sliced backhand were something that he had never encountered before and he trouble to find his rhythm and range and he did not manage to break his opponent's serve going down 6/5. Full marks to Anton for using his head to craft out a surprise victory.

The last doubles was tighter but our heroes were always in control running out 6/3 winners.

6 points to Wackers 1 on the day.

Wackers 2 teaming of Order In The Court and The Rooster took on a tough ESTC team at home. After losing the first doubles 5/6 and Order then going down 1/6 in a tough one to a tough opponent with a big forehand.

The Rooster tried his best to win his singles but his opponent, Son Of Tinto, was red hot on the day and we went down 2/6. Our lads showed great Wacker spirit to fight back and win the last set 6/3 and claim a valuable point for the day.

Wackers 3 all stars, The Slammer and Boom Boom Brett reputation is such that they scared their opposition, ESTC 13 into not turning up. The revised rules see that we only receive 4 points instead of the possible 7 however.

Wackers 4 team of Uri Geller and Sergi Bubka had a tough day at the office going down 4 sets to love to a gun UNSW team at home.

They rallied hard to be within grasp of the last set but went down 5/6 to their experienced opponents.
Oct 15, 2006, 5:23pm by The Wine Barrel »

Results of Round 5[top]
Well, it was a good day for Wackers 1, who won 6:0, 6:0, 6:1,6:0, and Wackers 4, who get 6 points, this is a first win, congratulations, with result: 2:6, 6:1, 6:1, 6:3, Wackers 3 were enjoying a buy, and Wackers 2 went down to the very strong opposition, in the condition of hit at Court Ave, With the result: 5:6, 1:6, 1:6, 0:6.

Results of Round 4 September 24[top]
Wackers 1 travelled to Parklands, Moore Park to take on the pride of Maccabi. The oppressive heat that saw the 4th ever hottest September day on record baked the courts and meant it would be a tough day for our cold climate top gun, The Yuppie and his 2004 and 2005 Cursing Award winning partner, Caprioska.

The first set of doubles could have gone either way but in the end the Maccabians sneaked it out 6/5. The Yuppie then bravely backed up to take on their whizz kid with the Hewitt like speed and game. It was a battle Royale which looked like going our way when The Yuppie was serving at 5/4 and holding 2 match points at 40/15. The young whippersnipper had other ideas however and ran down what looked like winning volleys and clawed his way back from the brink to down our hero 6/5. Mr Yuppie was a bit put off by the latest Maccabi gamesmanship tactic of crying when they were on the brink of defeat, it made him take his foot off the pedal ever so slightly.

Caprioska fought gamely but went down swinging 0/6 to a seasoned campainer. Our lads were spent in the last doubles and the end came mercifully quick. A sad day in Wacker 1 history and the first occassion we have not won a comp point, as a mark of respect the Wacker flag was flying at half mast atop of Wacker headquarters later but at a breakfast meeting the team spirit was still high and they remain determined to win the trophy this season

Wackers 2 teaming of Brandy Alexander and The Rooster took on a tough ESTC team at home. After losing the first doubles 5/6 and Brandy then going down 4/6 in a tough one to a tenacious baseline puddler things were nott looking good.

Enter the Rooster who came out crowing and pecked the eyes out of his opponent 6/1 before time got the better of them and the last doubes was saddly not completed.

To my reckoning it's 3 points to Wackers 2 but there was much conjecture over the awarding of bonus points for unfinished matches.

Wackers 3 all stars, The Slammer and Boom Boom Brett were forced to start with a singles when only one of their Maccabian opponets turned up on time. The Slammer was in fine form and raced away to a 3/0 lead before he wiltered in the heat and went down 3/6.

They got back on track in the first doubles however with a comprehensive 6/0 whitewash before bouncing Boom Boom Brett won a tight singles match 6/5.

So the stage was set to wrap up the last doubles and the points but things were looking a bit shaky when 2/5 down [meaning the match was even] however the all-stars regrouped and won the necessary game before going down 3/6 and securing a tight win by one game. [i]Phew! [/i] 5 points to Wackers 3.

Wackers 4 team of The Roamer and Uri Geller travelled to Maccabi headquarters to battle the best of Bondi see below post mortem from the Roamer.
Sept 25, 2006, 3:48pm by The Wine Barrel »

Results - Round 3 September 15[top]
Wackers 1 Vs ESTC at Latham This was going to be a tough match, the Slicer led ESTC team were our victors in last season semi final so our boys needed to be on top of their game.

The first set of doubles saw our lads get on top of the Slicer's serves and take it out 6/2. The Yuppie was itching to get another crack at The Slicer in singles having lost his first ever comp match to him in the semi [when he broke 2 sets of strings] this rematch was worthy of a final as the rallies were long and ferocious in the end the Yuppie's class won through for a great 6/3 win.

Next up The Artful Dodger was quick out of the blocks and raced away to a commanding lead of 5/2 playing some scintillating tennis before the effects of the hot sun and previous night's sex session took toll on his body and he faded, going down swinging 5/6.

Our lads needed just one more game to secure the victory but they did more than that running out 6/4 winners in the last doubles, but not before a sensational scene took place when a fiery ESTC team exploded into a roid rage, complaining of bias in the sideline cheering from the assembled pro-Wacker crowd. Truth is the tennis loving crowd were very fair in their support, showing both teams appreciation when good tennis was played.

A great win to our Wacker 1 team and 6 points to go with it.

Wackers 2 Vs Maccabi at Moore Park An outstanding win to our brothers in arms, Order In The Court and Brandy Alexander.

After Running away with the first set 6/2 Order backed up to repeat the scoreline in a 6/2 win before Brandy fulfilled the enourmous wraps on him by whitewashing his opponent 6/0. Our brothers were up 2/1 when time ran out in the final set.

Well done lads, you have now jumped to outright favouritisim to win this division. 6 points to Wackers 2

Wackers 3 Vs UNSW at Latham
This match turned out to be a heartstopper with The Slammer and Notre Damn taking out the first set 6/4. The Slammer then got the money 6/3 before Notre Damn went down 1/6 against an opponent who came out on fire.

The final doubles was a nail biting affair with our lads serving for the match at 5/4 before going down gallantly 6/5 and losing by a heartbraking 1 game on the day.

Still 2 very valuable points for Wackers 3.

Wackers 4 had a well earned rest this weekend with their bye.
Sept 17, 2006, 7:38pm by The Wine Barrel »

Results - Round 2 September 10[top] On a grey and raining old Sunday the Wackers 1 all star line up of The Yuppie and The Wine Cask steamrolled their UNSW opposition 3 sets to 0 before the rain finally forced them off the court.

First doubles to the Wackers 6/2. The Wine Cask then created history by winning his singles 6/0 for the loss of only one point in the entire set! That point finally came when his opponent was serving at 0/4 and 0/40 and The Wine Cask hit a blistering forehand that missed the line by an inch.

The Yuppie was then most impressive when he took out a very tricky opponent 6/1 before teaming with The Cask to be up 4/1 when the heavens opened.

6 and a half points to Wackers 1.

Wackers 3 10am team of The Man Mountain and The Slammer were sadly washed out, however there was a dry court up at Latham and they used their time to hone their doubles skills in a practice match against The Wine Cask and The Yuppie who took the honors 6/2 5/4 before rain once again tumbled down and made our Wackers abandon play.

Wackers 2 enjoyed a bye and a week off to ice their injuries.

Wackers 4 managed to get 2 and a half sets in before the persistent rain also hauled them off. After losing the first doubles Tee Vee tasted success in his singles whilst The Roamer was just behind in his at stumps.

Split points for Wackers 3 and 4.
Sept 11, 2006, 10:05am by The Wine Barrel »

Results - - Round 1 September 3[top]
Wackers 1 Vs Macabbi at a windy Latham Park.

Our Wackers 1 team of THE YUPPIE and The Atful Dodger opened the Spring comp on Father's Day with a 6/2 first set win over the wily old warhorse Steve Goldberg and his 'gun' partner Ricky Levy.

The Yuppie then took a big stick to poor old Steve and belted him around the court for a 6/0 demolition before things got tighter when The Artful Dodgerwent down 1/6 to the pro Levy.

Wackers 1 needed only 2 games from the last doubles to ensure they got the win and that is exactly what they managed going down 2/6 to a rejuvenated Maccabi team in the last rubber.

5 points for Wackers 1

Wackers 3 Vs ESTC - 10am at Latham Park

Marquee Wacker signing The Slammer teamed with star fill in Davis Cup to take on a strong ESTC team.

The nerves were evident when our lads went down 3/6 in the first doubles and things were looking grim when although still on serve The Slammer went down 5/6.

Davis Cup showed true Wacker spirit in a great 6/3 victory however and managed to take that form into the last doubles which our boys won 6/3.

Well done lads. 5 points to Wackers 3

Wackers 2 were playing away at the ESTC and The Rooster and Order In The Court were due to play Son Of Tinto who was sadly left at the alter by his partner who did not turn up.

Our lads tossed to see who would play the only singles match against Son Of Tinto and it was The Rooster who played great enroute to a stirling 6/4 victory.

7 points to Wackers 2

Wackers 4 made their debuts in an away match against UNSW.

In a baptism of fire our newbies, The Roamer and Serg [Wacker in training] went down 3 sets to 1.

Ist doubles 3/6
The Roamer went down 3/6 in his singles
Sergy 5/6 down in a tight one
Before they found their Wacker feet for a great 6/2 final set victory. Well done on your debuts lads.

1 point to Wackers 4.
Sept 4, 2006, 10:04am by The Wine Barrel »

Season 3 - 2006

Currently digging out old emails from Tony

Season 2 - 2005

Currently digging out old emails from Tony

Season 1 - 2005

Played with Once Was a Legend in one match to give me a taste of what was to come!