Since proposing we've coordinated with Cats family back in the UK and now have an official wedding date of Friday 11th May 2007. An announcement was also published in the UK Telegraph which we have scanned in and can be viewed here.

The church service will take place at St.Peter and Pauls Cathederal in Fareham, Hampshire. Our reception will be held at the Royal Marine Museum in the Mountbatten room, holding up to 120 seated guests and 180 standing. We're currently going through the mass amounts of planning (Well Clive and Lynda are), invites and finer details for the big day. Anyway make sure check out our website which will keep you all posted!

In the mean time have a read on where we got engaged, the parties we've had and details on the all important stag and hen ding dang doos!!

Wedding Day

Vicky and XCYS

The wedding day felt like it started on Thursday 10th May, with guest arriving at The Royal Beach Hotel on Portsmouth's Eastney seaside front. Vicky and her family also managed to pop over to the Hotel bar for a few drinks. The night was such a great start to our wedding extravaganza!

Groom, ushers and best man The wedding day went without a glitch, through strict regimented tasks mapped out by the Ex-Commander, it was hardly surprising! We had 119 guests down for the day and wedding breakfast and a further 40 guests for the evening. The weather was glorious the whole two weeks we were in the UK prior to the wedding. On the wedding day it was bright but did Bride, bridesmaid and XCYS rain during our transferrence from the Church to The Royal Marine Museum (RMM). Fortunately it did stop halfway through our photo shoot outside RMM, so we got some great shots with the Royals Royce (including the Queen Mums!) parked outside.

Vicky arrived at the Church 3 minutes early (can you believe it!!) but with photos to be taken she bounced down the aisle, on time, with the biggest smile in the world! I was overwhelmed. Dougal & Vicky Initially not feeling too nervous until "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" was sounded the butterflies and soaring emotions kicked in!

Father Tony did a great job of the service, also intertwining the moving readings read by Eva and Kim made it very personable. Once we signed the registration book we were now officially Mr & Mrs N Guppy aka Mr & Mrs Dougal Guppy or inline with this website Mr & Mrs Cat and Dog Guppy!!.

With the bulk of the photos, taken by our official photographer Roger Eldridge, were outside the Church - he knew the weather was deteriorating. See below for links to photos.

Bride & Groom's parents plus best man Due to the rain, pre-wedding breakfast drinks were held in the Medal Room of RMM. With a quick drink for Mr & Mrs Guppy we headed down the stairs and the guest followed for a planned group photo. With a brief chat after to guests walking down the stairs into the Mountbatten room it was time for food, wine and Champagne!!

Royal Marine Museum Falling behind schedule, slighlty, we cut the cake at 7.15pm (instead of 7pm) and the speeches started at 7.30pm. With officially only 15 minutes left before the first dance, this was obviously not feasible - espeicially since the two dads, myself and best man Jim Jam had a lot to say!

Luckily everyone had enough food in the stomachs before the next feed the guests were ready for a lecture in the life of Vicky and Dougal. Cutting the cake

By 8.30pm the first dance was played - "We have all the time in the world" by Louis Armstrong, and the nine piece Royal Marine band kicked in after and the partying began!!! They were absolutely fantastic - the dance floor was covered for nearly the rest of the night (except for when they had a brief break)! Steve the magician also played his part to the guests and was exceptional - in fact he was only hired for an hour but wanted to stay and enjoy the fun!

First Dance By 11.30pm the reception time had run out but with a coach at the ready, we were shipped back to the Hotel for further drinking! The hotel bar was buzzing and continued to buzz till at least 5am. Once the bar bell for closure sounded Dougal swept his wife off her feet and took her to our newly revised Bridal suite (with a double bed and not two twins as previously setup!) and signed and sealed the deal, wahooooooo!!!
Dancing with Grany Gregg

Links to photos

If you'd like an original copy of the file please contact me.

Not Live yet, but keep checking here!

In the mean time BBC Three took a close following in the lead up to our wedding day and recently released a sitcom from it called "Gavin and Stacey" (they had to rename us for legal reasons!!) - have a read about the series here but make sure you watch it, it's hilarious!


P5120250 P5190610 P5230690

Setting up a gift list fund with and family, and friends donating generously, we were lucky enough to have a honeymoon in Italy for two weeks (...and we're planning to have another one)! With a well earned rest we flew with easyjet on Sat 12th May 2007, the following day after our wedding. The food and attractions were absolutely fantastic and just got better and better as our honeymoon transpired!!!

Steeped in a messy history there was so much to see - we paced ourselves well but always centred our days around three magnificant feeds a day - boy what a life... We took plenty of photos so follow the links below for a breakdown of our honeymoon trip.

We were recently featured in Portsmouth's local newspaper - with a 40 page wedding supplement we had one page on how we organised a wedding from the other side of the world. We answered a string of question emailed by a local reporter to which we answered in detail and directed her to the infamous cat and dog productions website! Anyway check out the the article to what really was a perfect day...